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WARNING: There will be spoilers below, if you haven’t seen the latest episode, or want to stay otherwise unspoiled, read no further!

The greatest SF show currently on TV began its final season this past Tuesday. In case the post title didn’t give it away, I’m speaking of LOST,of course! Sure it was slow to start, with the SF elements safely tucked away and only hinted at, but by the middle of the third season LOST cranked up the science fiction to 11. Not just content with someone’s consciousness cavorting up and down the time stream, the writers have given also given us time skipping heroes, vanishing islands and much, much more, culminating in this seasons dueling realities, plus smoke monster!

I’m very curious and a wee bit excited to see where the LOST story will end up. Which is where you come in. What do you think will happen at the end of LOST? Will the realities merge to form a new one or they will they be destined to duke it out a la Fringe?

One thing I know for certain: I’ll be very sad to see LOST hang it up. It’s been a constant for me for the past six years and it’s only gotten better the past two and a half season. I’m confident it will end on a high and not disappoint. Although, if the writers could find some way to use our end of LOST idea, I think that would put it over the top…

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