Subterranean Pres has posted the table of contents for The Best of Larry Niven edited by Jonathan Strahan:

  1. “Becalmed in Hell”
  2. “Bordered in Black”
  3. “Neutron Star”
  4. “The Soft Weapon”
  5. “The Jigsaw Man”
  6. “The Deadlier Weapon”
  7. “All the Myriad Ways”
  8. “Not Long Before the End”
  9. “Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex”
  10. “Inconstant Moon”
  11. “Rammer”
  12. “Cloak of Anarchy”
  13. “The Fourth Profession”
  14. “Flash Crowd”
  15. “The Defenceless Dead”
  16. “The Flight of the Horse”
  17. “The Hole Man”
  18. “Night On Mispec Moor”
  19. “Flatlander”
  20. “The Magic Goes Away”
  21. “Cautionary Tales”
  22. “Limits”
  23. “A Teardrop Falls”
  24. “The Return of William Proxmire”
  25. “The Borderland of Sol”
  26. “Smut Talk”
  27. “The Missing Mass”

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