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INTERVIEW: Connor Fox on ‘Mothman’, Writing, and His Love for Science Fiction

Award-winning actor, writer, and producer Connor Fox has played opposite Jude Law, Josh Gadd and Cillian Murphy. His current role is in the TV movie Mothman alongside Jewel Staite, which will be airing on the SyFy Channel on April 24, 2010. Connor loves science fiction and grew up watching the original Twilight Zone on the SyFy Channel, a show he calls “the eighth wonder of the world”. Connor’s films include Watching the Detectives, Descent, Kin of You, Invisible Man, and Blood Night. He also won Best Young Actor at the Downbeach Film Festival for his lead role in the indie film Ice Grill USA. In addition to the big screen, Connor also works in television and recently shot two pilots: one for Comedy Central (Evan and Gareth) and the other for FOX (Have You Slept With Me?).

When Connor is not acting, he’s busy writing for both the stage and screen. His newest original work, Sintax, is now in pre-production. He’s also currently writing a Science Fiction feature film comedy/adventure called The Chest, a SciFi pilot and series concept inspired by the original Twilight Zone, and an science fiction comic book series entitled The Last Planet.

SF Signal had the opportunity to ask Connor about Mothman, his writing, and his love of science fiction…

Lisa Paitz Spindler: Thanks so much for agreeing to an interview at SF Signal. Your bio says you “grew up on the SyFy Channel” and that Science Fiction is your favorite genre. What’s the appeal of Science Fiction for you?

Connor Fox: No limits. I have always found that really exciting.

LPS: Tell us about your latest movie, Mothman?

CF: The Mothman is a legendary monster that is out to exact revenge on a group of childhood friends who covered up an accidental killing. I play Derek, the good ole boy that never left his hometown and is still hung up on his high school sweetheart.

LPS: There are quite a few Firefly and Stargate: Atlantis fans on SF Signal so I have to ask (I’m not just asking for myself, nope, not at all): What was it like working with Jewel Staite on Mothman?

CF: Jewel’s a lot of fun to work with. She’s really witty. When we would drive to set or sit around waiting for production to set up the shots she would constantly make me laugh till I’d cry with her clever little one-liners. She’s a very funny and cool chic.

LPS: Besides your acting credits, your résumé includes writing experience as well. You’re currently at work on two SciFi scripts: The Chest and a Twilight Zone inspired series, and also a Science Fiction comic book series called The Last Planet. Which interest came first for you, writing or acting?

CF: Acting. Though, I did try to write a Goosebumps book when I was like 10, I think I wrote a chapter and realized it wasn’t as easy to as I thought it was going to be and decided to leave the writing to R.L. Stine.

LPS: How would you compare the experiences of acting vs. writing?

CF: As an actor I have to wait until the right role comes along. As a writer I can write the role for myself and I don’t have to wait for anything. Well, except for maybe the funding.

LPS: What have you found most challenging about writing Science Fiction?

CF: The challenge is the same as the appeal. I like SciFi because there are no limits to what can be done. As a writer that can sometimes become overwhelming. For instance if you want someone to have the power to cast spells on people, what are the spells? How did that person get the power? Can the spells be broken? You can ask an unlimited amount of questions and spend months and sometimes years trying to figure out the answers. You have to constantly reach into the furthest depths are your imagination to see what you can find. It’s actually mentally exhausting at times, but when you finally find it, that thing you were searching for, it’s like finding buried treasure in your mind.

LPS: Who are some of your favorite Science Fiction authors?

CF: I have always been a huge fan of Stephen King as well as his son Joe Hill who writes Locke and Key. But my absolute favorite writers would have to be J.J. Abrams and Robert Kirkman. They are the two most powerful men of imagination.

LPS: You’re a fan of The Twilight Zone. What are some of your favorite episodes? Did you like the 1980s film adaptation? (I admit to still thinking about John Lithgow every time I fly…)

CF: Time Enough At Last, The Last Flight, Long Distance Call, and An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge. Honestly, I think I like them all. As for the movie, for sure, I have actually liked every adaption of The Twilight Zone that’s been made. Well, everything except the awful intro music adaption by the lead singer of the rock band Korn in 2002. They shouldn’t have messed with perfection.

LPS: How is the Science Fiction pilot and series you’re working on inspired by The Twilight Zone?

CF: The truth is the new pilot and series isn’t really inspired by The Twilight Zone. It is The Twilight Zone. If you’re a fan of the series you are going to love what I have in store.

LPS: Thanks for your time, Connor. Is there anything you’d like to add?

CF: Well I found out last week I will be playing the lead role in the new sci fi/horror film Yaksha directed by Sridhar Ranganath. If you want more info on my upcoming projects you can go to or Twitter me @connorfoxplease.

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  1. Why bother watching SyFy tripe when you can watch The Mothman Prophecies, a truly GOOD depiction of the events in Point Pleasant?

  2. Oh, now, don’t be hatin’. New ideas, new stories. MMP was great, but you can’t try something new? Sad.

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