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SF Tidbits for 4/29/10




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7 Comments on SF Tidbits for 4/29/10

  1. That John C Wright post is him pushing his homophobic crap again. You shouldn’t link to it.

  2. I’d like to raise an issue…

    I rely on the SFSignal link round-up to know what’s going on in the SF blogosphere outside of my usual haunts.  However, look at the above set of links and count how many of the articles linked to are actually about SF as opposed to the publishing industry or the business of being a writer.

    When an SF link round-up becomes dominated by articles about the profession of writing then it is no longer an SF link round-up.  It is a “professional writing lifestyle” round-up.

    Conversely, these round-ups rarely include links to reviews or discussions of actual works of SF.


    I also echo Ian’s concern over sending traffic to an article that describes gay sex as perverted.

  3. Link removed — I missed that first read-through.

    @Jonathan: Tidbits are always a grab-bag of items and probably won’t ever meet everyone’s tastes completely.  Sure, Charles RSS feeds lean towards writerly items.  Mine included many of the same ones, which is why I tapped Charles to do this.  There was significant overlap to warrant such a move.  That said, I also augment what Charles provides with more traditional fannish links.  Yesterday I simply did not find many of these (partly due to time constraints — late work day and all that) worth passing along.  (Which is another filter that limits what you see: lots of things that are considered “news” items at other sites aren’t that big a deal, in my opinion.  Casting news, for example, or box office numbers, I usually ignore.)


    Gail Carriger sure sounds manly in my podcast player.


  5. John — Thanks for responding πŸ™‚  That’s totally cool… I remember from my time doing daily links that they can be difficult and time-consuming to pull together.  I wasn’t so much criticising as raising a smal concern is all.

  6. I might also add, regarding linking reviews: I usually link to reviews only when they are done by other writers because I think they offer a keen insight into writing.  Tracking all the genre reviews that appear around the blogosophere is not something I intend on doing.  There’s way too many for me to read and filter through.


    I was trying to make a joke about the Agony Column’s interview with Gail Carriger pointing to the wrong mp3 in the podcast feed, but that’s been fixed now.


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