Fritz Lang’s Metropolis has had a long and interesting history. After its premier in Germany in 1927 the film was cut and in the intervening decades, much of the footage has been lost. Several different attempts have been made to restore the movie as close to the original as possible, and in 2008, a new version with 30 more minutes of footage as discovered. In Feb. 2010, this footage was restored and placed into a new version of Metropolis and shown in Germany. This version will be released to theaters around the world this summer (awesome!) and will also have a Blu-ray version available for Christmas.

Kino International, the people behind the 147-minute Blue-ray version, have released this trailer to promote The Complete Metropolis. Check it out:

I’ve never seen any full version of Metropolis, just bits and pieces. This looks interesting enough to try and catch in the theater, but then again, being a silent movie, I wonder how well it will play in today’s theaters? Hopefully they will have a well done soundtrack.


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