I’m in the middle of reading Kage Baker’s Not Less Than Gods and I’m impressed with how good the book is. In fact, I’ve read two other Company books and they’ve been uniformly excellent. In fact, a quote from Amazing Stories (on the back) sums up the Company series quite nicely:

One of the most consistently entertaining series…

The Company books have been that so far but it got me to thinking about other series that I’ve found to be entertaining from start to finish. I can name two right off:

  • The Harry Dresden series from Jim Butcher – One of those rare creatures that starts out good, then gets better with each passing book. The latest novel Changes takes some risks with Dresden’s situation and is all the better for it. And this is from a guy who is not a fan of fantasy. This series is that good.
  • The Sten series by Allen Cole and Chris Bunch – One of my all time favorite series. I’ve read and re-read them probably six times or so over the past twenty years. The later books lose a bit of steam, but the last book goes a long way toward redeeming them. They’re SF military(ish) black-ops adventure novels that are just a lot of fun to read. I may have to read them again.

But what about you? What series have you found to be consistently entertaining?

For the purposes of this discussion, let’s define a series as consisting of three or more books and we’ll stipulate that you’ve actually read the entire series (one or more times).

Let us know!

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