Win Scott Eckert has posted the table of contents of the upcoming anthology The Worlds of Philip José Farmer 1: Protean Dimensions which features a Foreword by Paul Malmont:

  1. “The Bite of the Asp” by Randall Garrett
  2. “Newly Born, Newly Dead” by Philip José Farmer
  3. “It Could Make a Great Fantasy” by Laura Wilkes Carey
  4. “My Summer Husband” by Philip José Farmer
  5. “Sail On! Sail On!” by Philip José Farmer
  6. “Read On! Read On! by James Gunn
  7. Comment on “Sail On! Sail On!” by Philip José Farmer
  8. “The Legend of Mishiwapo” by Philip José Farmer
  9. “Philip José Farmer’s Adventures in Hollywood” by Jack Mertes
  10. “Bordering on the Absurd” by Danny Adams
  11. “Infamy” by Edward Morris
  12. “Le Maréchal” by Paul Spiteri
  13. “The Pollinators” by Rhys Hughes
  14. “Is He in Hell?” by Win Scott Eckert
  15. “The Blakeney Family Tree” by Win Scott Eckert
  16. “No Trees of Earth” by David Bischoff
  17. “A Kick in the Side” by Christopher Paul Carey
  18. “Flesh Endures” by Dennis E Power
  19. “The Final Flight of Greatheart Silver” by Chris Roberson
  20. “A Writer’s Prayer” by Philip José Farmer

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