Trailer: Space Battleship Yamato

If you saw and loved the anime classic Space Battleship Yamato (Starblazers in the US) you will probably salivate over this trailer for the live-action movie adaptation. Some of the CGI shots look awesome and I want to see this movie so very, very much. The trailer may be in Japanese, but the eye candy is pure awesome. The synopsis for those not in the know:

Set in 2220, the pic will depict the evacuation of 300 million people from Earth to avoid certain death from an expanding black hole. The Yamato, a space battleship, is leading the rescue fleet when it is attacked by an alien force.

[H/T Quiet Earth]

7 thoughts on “Trailer: Space Battleship Yamato”

  1. Yeah, that’s a sweet trailer.  I just wish they’d included the part where Susumu Kodai leaves the Yamato to establish Kitchen Stadium, where his lieutenants do battle against a succession of invaders to defend the surviving great culinary traditions of Terra: French, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese.  (Okay, yes, an Iron Chef joke is a reach here…but anyone who’s seen the Japanese original, look at the actor playing the lead here and tell me the resemblance to the Chairman isn’t striking.)

  2. Wrong synopsis, but understandable how this one would be picked up; it refers to the REBIRTH anime feature released last year.

  3. Looks awesome indeed! Can’t wait for the release here. I hoped they release it in Japanese with subtitles.

    I am not well-schooled in the Yamato mythos. Wasn’t the origin of the Space Battleship the WWII Japanese super-battleship sunk in Dubya-Dubya-Two and raised to be rebuilt into a spacecraft? Enlighten me.

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