Tuesday Tune: ‘The Ghost Inside’ By The Broken Bells

Not being a huge music guy, I’ve never heard of the Broken Bells before. They are an American indie rock band who recently released their first album, for free. At least that’s what Wikipedia says, it looks like their album is running $12 right now. I find it almost unpossible the Wikipedia could be wrong!

One of the songs on their album is called “The Ghost Inside” and this is where things get a bit science fictiony. If you’ve seen the anime classic movie (or TV series) Ghost In The Shell, you’ll know that a ‘ghost’ is a person’s soul. In the movie, it was hinted that cyborgs and other non-human ‘life’ also have ‘ghosts’. So of course the video for “The Ghost Inside” is about a woman who is willing to go to great lengths to achieve her dreams. I’m not sure if the Broken Bells intended this connection or not, but the ending sure brought the link to GitS to my mind straight away.

In another bit of SF serendipity, the actress here may seem to familiar to you. Her name is Christina Hendricks and as any fanatical browncoat will tell you, Ms. Hendricks played Mal’s sometimes wife, sometimes nemesis Saffron. Of course if you only know her from her turn as Joan Holloway on Mad Men I’d ask why you haven’t watched Firefly. This is a SF blog after all….

Indie rock isn't my normal listening genre, but I kinda like the song. The video is well done too. If you like this, you can download their entire album.

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