A new batch of juicy and free fiction is up at Free Speculative Fiction Online:

  1. Christopher Anvil: “A Taste of Poison” (Analog/Astounding, August 1960)
  2. Christopher Anvil: “The Day the Machines Stopped” (Monarch, 1964)
  3. Christopher Anvil: “The Gold of Galileo” (Analog, October 1980)
  4. Christopher Anvil: “The Hand from the Past
  5. Christopher Anvil: “The Missile Smasher” (Analog, July 1966)
  6. Christopher Anvil: “The Problem Solver and the Killer
  7. Robert Asprin: “Gleep’s Tale
  8. Robert Asprin & Jody Lynn Nye: “M.Y.T.H. Inc. Instructions” (Something M.Y.T.H. Inc. Collection, 2002)
  9. Robert Asprin: “Myth-Trained” (MYTH-Told Tales Collection, 2007)
  10. Robert Asprin & Jody Lynn Nye: “Mything in Dreamland
  11. Lois McMaster Bujold: “Warrior’s Apprentice” (Baen, 1991)
  12. J. Kathleen Cheney: “Afterimage” (Jim Baen’s Universe Vol. 4 No. 6, April 2010)
  13. Dave Freer: “If Music Be the Food of Love” (Fangs for the Mammaries Anthology, 2010)
  14. [Redacted]
  15. Kevin Andrew Murphy: “Tecate for Hecate” (Fangs for the Mammaries Anthology, 2010)
  16. Jody Lynn Nye: “Overbite” (Fangs for the Mammaries Anthology, 2010)
  17. Eilis O’Neal: “The Wizard’s Calico Daughter” (Fantasy Magazine, August 2010)
  18. Cat Rambo: “Sugar” (Fantasy Anthology, 2007) [Audio]
  19. Kim Stanley Robinson: “A Sensitive Dependence on Initial Conditions” (Pulphouse, May 1981)
  20. Kim Stanley Robinson: “Before I Wake” (Interzone #27, January 1989)
  21. Kim Stanley Robinson: “Black Air” (F & SF, March 1983)
  22. Kim Stanley Robinson: “Ridge Running” (F & SF, January 1984)
  23. Kim Stanley Robinson: “The Lucky Strike” (Universe Anthology #14, 1984)
  24. Kim Stanley Robinson: “Venice Drowned” (Universe Anthology #11, 1981)
  25. Rachel Swirsky: “Where Shadows Meet Light” (Fantasy Magazine, August 2010)

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