Halo: Reach Live Action Trailer

Even though the original Halo video game trilogy has run its course, there are still stories (and money!) to be made from the Halo universe. Earlier this year saw the release of Halo: ODST and on Sept. 14th, the latest game, Halo: Reach, will ship. It’s been interesting to see the TV ad campaigns for the later games forgo using in game footage and instead focus on using ‘live action’ shots. They’ve become very effective at presenting the sweep of the stories and the cinematic quality of the games. The latest Halo: Reach trailer, dubbed “Deliver Hope”, is no exception. According to the press release, “the short is a riveting, action-packed production that offers an emotional look at the courage and sacrifice of Noble Team in their defense of the planet Reach from a crushing Covenant invasion.”

The trailer itself looks incredible and it’s a shame the ‘live action’ Halo movie never got off the ground. Take a look:

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