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SF Signal Welcomes Matthew Sanborn Smith!

SF Signal welcomes Matthew Sanborn Smith to our ranks of on-the-run-from-the-cops Irregulars!

To better help our readers get to know our new contributor, we asked him for a third-person bio. Like all victims who find themselves under our misshapen thumbs, he complied happily:

Matthew Sanborn Smith is a dead-sexy writer of short stories whose work has appeared at Chizine, Albedo One and Challenging Destiny and will soon appear in GUD Magazine and He regularly swabs the decks of the StarShipSofa and sometimes contributes to its podcast. He podcasts his own damn self at Beware The Hairy Mango.

Welcome, Matthew! By now, you should know about our long-standing New-Guy-Brings-Bagels policy. I’ll leave it up to you to succeed where others have failed. Bonus points are awarded if you can guess what kind of bagels I like. (Hint: Everything bagels.)

While I continue to delude myself that this bit will actually yield doughy perfection, enjoy Matthew’s awesome inaugural free fiction post: “Pain Comes Not To The Bananaman“!

That reminds me…banana bagels are good, too! 🙂

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John DeNardo is the Managing Editor at SF Signal and a columnist at Kirkus Reviews. He also likes bagels. So there.

3 Comments on SF Signal Welcomes Matthew Sanborn Smith!

  1. Welcome Matthew!

  2. Thanks, Lisa! And thank you, John! I glanced quickly at this post earlier and accidentally bought beagles for everyone. Now I’ve got a whole box of puppies I’m going to have to throw out unless you guys eat them.

  3. I mean this in all sincerity when I say: LOL! 🙂

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