Tuesday Tune Bonus: ‘F**k Me, Ray Bradbury’

Do I need to say that this catchy pop song is NSFW? Didn’t think so.

[via Pablo Defendini]

11 thoughts on “Tuesday Tune Bonus: ‘F**k Me, Ray Bradbury’”

  1. That is so messed up. I’m emailing the link to all my friends so they can share in my shock and outrage.


  2. Sorry, but I don’t like it. More vulgar than funny, and it’s not the kind of thing Bradbury would appreciate.

    The guy just turned 90, let’s treat him with some respect.

  3. Ummmm, I found it rude and a bit tasteless.  I don’t Ray would approve, but it has nice production values and clever moments.  Also just an interesting choice of authors.

  4. Rude?   Disrespectful?  Seriously?  It’s better than not having a girl sing about how she wants to fuck you.

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