This weekend, three major geek conventions throw down all at once: PAX, DragonCon and WorldCon. Short of the Hollywood-infused spectacle that is Comic-Con, this will be the biggest convention weekend of 2010. As a rookie programming director for ConGlomeration 2011, it’s also my most hyperconcentrated research opportunity — so , of course, I’m unable to attend any of the trio of A-list conventions. (Stupid adult obligations)

That’s where you guys come in. Roughly 60,000 people attend PAX. Another 40,000 attend DragonCon. WorldCon averages something in the neighborhood of tenth of either previous figure. In any case, about 100,000 geeks — professional and otherwise — will be at a convention this weekend, and a bunch of you read SF Signal, too.

So spill it.

I want to know:

  • What rocks and what sucks about each convention?
  • What makes DragonCon so special?
  • How did PAX double in size every year for the last seven?
  • Are the Hugos really as awesome as we imagine?
  • Who’s the geek ubermensch: Nathan Fillion or Wil Wheaton?

Cite specific examples and show your work.

This is your giant global gripe session and shout-out venue. We can’t leave it all to Cheryl Morgan; not even she can simultaneously cover three cons on two continents.

Last week, we asked what makes a science fiction convention worth going to. Regardless of the answers (which we’ll discuss next week), DragonCon, PAX and are WorldCon clearly doing something right. Now’s your chance to explain exactly what that is — and perhaps change the fate of ConGlomeration in the process.

See you in the comments section.

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