Kickstart is looking for development funding for the science fiction feature film Rogue Moon, based on the acclaimed 1960 Algis Budrys novel of the same name. The goal is to create a low budget, high-concept SciFi film that’s “inspired by classics such as Metropolis, 2001 and Bladerunner, using the expressive filmmaking methods seen in films such as Sin City and 300.”

Here’s a synopsis of the film:

2053. The oil has run out. A decaying world is on the brink of total energy war – but there is a glimmer of hope. Obsessive military scientist Dr. Edward Hawks believes a rare fuel found only on the surface of the moon can avert the crisis. Since traditionally fueled rockets are no longer viable, the only hope of reaching the fuel is his unfinished Quantum Displacer – a prototype human teleporter. As each volunteer is transported to the moon he remains trapped in an inter-dimensional Rift- a place where death has many dimensions. As time runs out Hawks is locked in a battle of wills with his final candidate, war hero and legendary test pilot Al Barker – unpredictable, violent and harboring an unsettling but necessary lust for death.

Kickstart is looking to develop the current script even further and is loking for additional writing talent. I hereby nominate Alastair Reynolds, whose awesome story “Diamond Dogs” is the logical successor to Rogue Moon.

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