You’ve seen us extol the virtues of Warhammer 40K books before, giving you reasons why you should read Warhammer 40K and the appeal of the Warhammer 40K universe. Now you can see what you’ve been missing.

To celebrate the launch of Black Library Digital, Black Library is designating today (and the remaining 3 Fridays in October) as Free eBook Friday!

The first free eBook is Dan Abnett’s first Gaunt’s Ghosts novel First and Only. (That’s a lot of firsts!) From Amazon:

In the War-torn future of the 41st millennium, the Sabbat Worlds Crusade has begun. With the massed ranks of the Imperial Guard hard-pressed by the evil forces of Chaos, mankind must prevail – whatever the cost in lives. Commisar Ibram Gaunt has vowed to lead the men of the Tanith First-and-Only safely through this campaign, but they must evade the treacherous scheming of rival regiments just as much as the lethal firepower of the enemy.

Download First and Only from Black Library Digital.

[via Fred Kiesche]

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