TRAILER: Ultramarines (Full-Length)

You’ve seen the teaser trailers…now you can see the full-length official trailer for the Warhammer 40K straight-to-DVD film: Ultramarines

Looks to be the unapologetic military action flick that you’d expect, though I must say I’m less than impressed with the graphics.

[via Gamma Squad]

6 thoughts on “TRAILER: Ultramarines (Full-Length)”

  1. I hope the sound and voice acting is better in the actual film, it sounds like the lines were recorded in a very echoing room.

  2. Is it just me or does all the armor seem pointless?  Everything slices/shoots through it with torrents of blood going everywhere.  Hey, but the armor looks cool!!

  3. Yeah, where’s that 3+ armor save?  After seeing this trailer, I wonder how many rules the characters will shout out during the film?

    It looks like they cribbed graphics from the computer game and added some dialogue.  The fight are about as dramatic as wondering whether the pizza guy will get lucky in a porn film.

    Meh.  I’d rather break out my Eldar and play a 1500 point game.



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