In the last episode of Stargate UniverseThe Greater Good,” we watched Rush and Young finally clear the air. With Dr. Perry’s help, Rush revealed the secret of Destiny‘s true mission. Eli and Ginn turned up the Barry White while Simeon continued to creepily skulk the corridors of the ship.

The emo roller-coaster that is Stargate Universe continues.

[Warning: Spoilers follow…]

Let’s start at the end because it and next week’s preview completely overshadowed the rest of the episode. Sinister Simeon — and the tempest of a teapot that is his temper — finally bubbles over when he sneaks into Ginn’s quarters with we can only assume nefarious purposes. Then the previews for next week confirmed my suspicions that Ginn has just been a plot device all along. Evidently, Simeon does something abhorrent — I assume killing Ginn — which next week sends both Eli and Rush into a tailspin.


I’ve thought all along that the romance between Eli and Ginn seemed rushed, but I assumed she would turn out to be a traitor of some sort — which is in of itself a cliche, but at least it’s not as far gone as the “women in the refrigerators” trope. The “women in refrigerators” term was coined by Gail Simone to call attention to the penchant for female characters in comic books to end up killed — and one in particular example to be stuffed in a refrigerator — as a device to spark revenge in the hero, usually a lover, brother, father or some other male connection. These female characters have no other purpose in the story than to have their deaths elicit a specific action on the part of the hero.

This describes both Ginn and Dr. Perry to a tee. In “The Greater Good” Dr. Perry uses the stones to visit Destiny on Rush’s request. She’s the only person he trusts with the knowledge of the true bridge and he needs her to pilot the Destiny toward the the alien vessel he and Young have boarded. Because boarding other ships, that’s gone well in the past.

This treatment of Ginn and Perry is most disappointing because I’d gotten my hopes up with the recent very good episodes, all of which made me rethink my earlier panning of the series. Now I’m not sure I wasn’t on the right track to begin with. My dislike of this plot turn is not just about Ginn because she’s not all alone in that refrigerator. Dr. Perry is sharing it with her because they were employing the stones at the time Ginn’s body was killed. I assume this means that either they’re both dead or Ginn is stuck in Perry’s body permanently. Next week’s episode is all about keeping Simeon alive long enough to get something important that he’s stolen while Rush tries to kill him.

Still, every series has it dud episodes and plot lines that just don’t work. Here’s to hoping next week at some point we get back to finding out what kind of creature Chloe is turning into. And, oh yeah, exploring the new bridge. While everyone else is off trying to kill/help Simeon, who’s minding the ship?

This episode did have a couple high points, namely Eli’s reaction to finding the real bridge and that Rush saved Young’s life. I couldn’t help giggling when Rush reached out to Young to prevent him from floating away into space. Since Rush saved Young’s life, does this mean that Young owes him a life debt now? Will Young turn into Rush’s Chewbacca?

When it seemed that Young might have killed Rush and then he sprang to life again I briefly thought we might see another scaly blue creature metamorphosis, but I guess it was just a flesh wound and Rush had passed out. I was annoyed that Young would beat him up — again — to begin with. I’d hoped Young’s experience in the previous episode would have tempered that impulse.

Mission From God

Rush explains that he’s discovered the true mission of Destiny and it’s to discover the maker of the universe and to harness that power. The Ancients evidently believed that this deep order* was a clue that the universe had indeed been made on purpose by, I don’t know. . . an intelligent designer?

Did I hear that right? Yes, to quote Rush: “We’re talking about a level of order present at the very beginning of space/time that goes beyond anything we ever conceived.”

If I’m going to keep watching this show, I guess I’m just going to have to pretend this episode never happened. Very soon I hope the show gets back to exploring the Blueberry Aliens, the Obelisk Aliens, what kind of creature Chloe is turning into, and what happened to Carmen. Instead, I think we might get Stargate Universe V: The Search for God. Next up, space whales.

Everyone remember where we parked.

* Excellent band name

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