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The New Green Lantern Trailer Fills Me With Fear

Oh, Hollywood, is nothing sacred? I’m all for films that don’t take themselves too seriously, but this is looking like a superhero movie for rom-com fans.

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11 Comments on The New Green Lantern Trailer Fills Me With Fear

  1. I will admit that there was always something ridiculous about a man who could make a giant green fist to punch people with, a giant vice to hold the earth together during a quake but who had trouble with the color yellow.

  2. I was not impressed. I also didn’t like their choice of Ryan Reynolds as the lead. It’s wrong in so many ways.

  3. @PaulNYC:

    Have you met Alan Grant, Golden  Age Green Lantern, whose power is thwarted by. . . wood?  At least they have to paint the baseball bat yellow to beat up Hal Jordan. . . .


    I think Reynolds has potential if he chucks his usual schtick and understands what is best about the Jordan character: his arrogant fearlessness, which is his strength and weakness.  I don’t see this in the preview.  The “I know, right?!?!?” moment is pure stock Reynolds, which seems to be what this movie uses as the basis for Jordan.  Meh.

    It’s nice that we now have the technology to make mediocre CCG mock-ups of the Lantern’s power, OA, and Killowog, who acts out-of-character in that one second he is on-screen, but a lot of these elements use the source material poorly.

  4. I think that the fan made trailer with Nathan Fillion was better than this. Sad that they couldn’t have chosen him for the lead.

  5. Nathan Fillion would have made a great choice for the lead. He would have sold us on the movie with his nerd cred alone whereas we all expect Ryan Reynolds to fail at the part. At least Reynolds will do a good job in the Deadpool movie.

  6. First of all, apologies for misspelling Kilowog’s name.  Typing too fast has its hazards.  Can I say, as a fanboy, that I hate how they did his ears for the movie?

    In the comics, his ears point up on top of his head, which makes his big jug-head more animated.  In the film, he looks like an alien dog of some sort.  Meh!

    I will say, however, that Mark Strong looks great as Sinestro.

    Also, to answer John’s initial question: no, nothing is sacred.  Not that I think this should be, but what’s worse is not finding the potential in an idea and creating a distinctive, compelling story with it.

  7. I guess I’m the odd man out. Ryan Reynolds is amazing and this looks terrifically fun. (Disclaimer: I am not a follower of the Green Lantern mythos – I just like what I see here.) (2nd disclaimer: Ryan Reynolds was surprisingly good in The Proposal. I was both astonished and entertained.)

  8. Couldn’t agree more with the Fillion comments. He would have been awesome!

    I can deal with Ryan Reynolds if he matches up well with the personality of the character he’s portraying (e.g. Deadpool), but he doesn’t seem right for this role (though I’m not super familiar with Green Lantern, I’m more of a casual fan).

    That said, I tend to prefer the darker superhero movies as opposed to the lighthearted cotton candy kind, and this looks like the latter. I’m hoping it won’t be as forgettable as The Fantastic Four. We’ll see.

  9. Don’t get the post.  The relationship between Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris was always an important part of the comics, why shouldn’t it be in the coming attraction.  Which is doing its job of making the movie seem like something both men and women will want to go to.  Worst I can say is that in the process it makes the movie look like two dozen other superhero movies from recent years, and maybe even better than many of them.

  10. Green Lantern is recognized by most people, but only a few have any idea what his character is supposed to be like (weak, strong, funny, brooding, etc.). Hell, I didn’t know and I actually read some comics growing up. They didn’t make this movie for the fanboys, so the ears on certain characters might not be exact. None of this should be a surprise. They don’t make any of these movies to honor the original comics.

  11. I was really looking forward to the film, and then went “hmmm” at the pictures of the costume, and now have gone “eggghhhh” at the trailer. It’s probably a wait-for-DVD film for me.

    I was thinking about it. I think with Green Lantern, you have to pick: are you going to make an Earth-based super-hero film? Or a space-based space opera? Are you going to be Superman, or Star Wars? Green Lantern can do both, but you have to figure out how you’re gonna go. That’s my theory.

    (I was just imagining the cool battle-over-Coruscant from the beginning of Episode III. Have a fight like that, but with Green Lanterns mixed in. It’d be good stuff.)

    I dunno. Maybe it’ll be an excellent film and change my mind. I wouldn’t mind that. DC’s track record is pretty poor, though. 

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