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TOC: ‘The End Of The Line’ Edited by Jonathan Oliver

Here’s the table of contents for The End Of The Line Edited by Jonathan Oliver, an anthology of underground horror.

  1. “Bullroarer” by Paul Meloy
  2. “The Girl in The Glass” by John L. Probert
  3. “The Lure” by Nicholas Royle
  4. “23:46 Morden (via Bank)” by Rebecca Levene
  5. “End of The Line” by Jasper Bark
  6. “The Sons of The City” by Simon Bestwick
  7. “The Roses That Bloom Underground” by Al Ewing
  8. “Exit Sounds” by Conrad Williams
  9. “Funny Things” by Pat Cadigan
  10. “On All London Underground Lines” by Adam L.G. Nevill
  11. “Fallen Boys” by Mark Morris
  12. “In The Colosseum” by Stephen Volk
  13. “The Rounds” by Ramsey Campbell
  14. “Missed Connection” by Michael Marshall Smith
  15. “Siding 13” by James Lovegrove
  16. “Diving Deep” by Gary McMahon
  17. “Crazy Train” by Natasha Rhodes
  18. “All Dead Years” by Joel Lane
  19. “Down” by Christopher Fowler

[via Vault Of Evil]

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