sam.jpgquorra.jpgIf you’ve been following along for the past few days you’re now all decked out in TRON gear from head to toe. But what if you want something a little more flashy? A little more unique? A little more limited edition? UD Replicas has you covered. They produce officially licensed replica suits for Batman,Dark Knight, Iron Man, X-Men and now TRON: Legacy movies. For Legacy they’ve created replica motorcycle suits for Sam and Quorra. Check them out over there on the right.

Pretty cool! You can buy just the pieces, they have the jacket, pants, boots, and gloves for individual sale, or you can buy one of the limited number of complete sets. The features:

- CE Approved Body Armor

– Form Molded Leather Detailing

– Light Sensitive Reflective Accents

– Heavy Duty Stretch Spandex Inserts

– Silicone Hexagon Print

– Form Molded Leather Disk

I’m pretty sure you’d have one of geekiest, yet cool, suits ever to grace a motorcycle. Unfortunately, the white stripes are reflective strips and not the light emitting accents from the shoes or even glow-in-the-dark like on the shirts. I bet you could find some EL wire and slap it on there for something even more, um, nerdy. Don’t you wish you had a motorcycle, or better yet, a lightcycle?

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