As many of our readers already know, Cheryl Morgan and Kevin Standlee run two excellent websites: the genre awards blog Science Fiction Awards Watch and the online non-fiction magazine Salon Futura. With awards season in full swing, you can bet they’re busy and that the websites are brimming with great information and articles.

I’ve been invited to participate in an upcoming Salon Futura podcast about genre awards. More specifically, the podcast is about about clearing up any misconceptions about the awards. Many genre fans (myself included) are unclear about the intricate details of the awards process.

This is where you come in. Leave a comment here asking anything you’d like to know about the awards process, or things you believe to be true about the awards (particularly the Hugo Awards, but any awards are open for discussion). Some of the notions that are bandied about include:

  • “Why does it costs hundreds of dollars to vote?”
  • “The Hugos are only for Americans.”
  • “Why isn’t there a Hugo for…[insert category here]?”

When it comes time to record the podcast, I’ll raise these questions to the other participants.

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