Fans of The Green Hornet television show – rejoice! SyFy is airing a marathon of the 60’s show all day on Tuesday, January 11th from 10 am Eastern to 11 PM Eastern. Check the schedule on their site for details.

If you are unfamiliar with the character apart from the trailer starring Seth Rogen, you might want to check out the marathon so you know what they screw up and get wrong.

Not that I’m expecting them to get anything wrong. I mean, that’s unheard of, right?


Quick bio for folks who are completely unfamiliar with the character – The Green Hornet was originally a radio serial in the 30’s created by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker. the title character’s secret identity is Britt Reid, a newspaper publisher who fights crime by letting everyone think he’s a criminal. His partner is Kato, Britt Reid’s valet, who went out fighting crime with him, doubling asThe Green Hornet’s unnamed, masked driver. He was rather famously played by Bruce Lee in the tv show.

I remember two bits of trivia about that show – the first is that, when they decided to cross The Green Hornet over with the wildly popular Batman starring Adam West and Burt Ward (in an attempt to boost ratings for The Green Hornet), Bruce Lee refused to be shown losing a fight to Ward’s Robin. He said that it was ridiculous and no one would believe it even possible. So the battle between the two heroes & their sidekicks was instead concluded as a draw.

The second bit was the fact that Brit Reid was a direct relation to The Lone Ranger. Fran Striker created both characters and so, the Ranger’s nephew, Dan Reid was referenced in The Green Hornet as being Brit’s father, making him the Lone Ranger’s great-nephew.

Anyway, check out the marathon, then, if you must, check out the movie.

Not that I’m saying it’s going to suck or anything.

I’m hoping it won’t.


But then I see this…

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