In episode 25 of the SF Signal Podcast, Patrick Hester asks the SF Signal gang:

Q: Should books with controversial or offensive content be changed to make them more palatable to the public?

A revised version of Huckleberry Finn will be released next month that replaces all 219 instances of the racially charged “N-word” with the word “slave.” Is this acceptable? Who gets to decide what is and isn’t offensive? Are we standing on the precipice of a slippery slope where the freedom of speech is trumped by public sentiment?

Later, Patrick Hester & John DeNardo sit down to chat with S. Andrew Swann, author of Forests of the Night, Emperors of the Twilight, Specters of the Dawn, Profiteer, Partisan, Revolutionary, Raven, God’s Dice, The Flesh, the Blood, & the Fire, Teek, Fearful Symmetries, Zimmerman’s Algorithm, The Omega Game, Dragons of the Cuyahoga, The Moreau Omnibus, Stranger Inside, The Hostile Takeover Trilogy, Broken Crescent, Dwarves of Whiskey Island, Blood & Rust, Prophets, Dragons & Dwarves, Wolfbreed, Heretics, and Wolf’s Cross.

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