Another reader writes in with a story description looking for a title.

Do any of our readers out there know the title of this story?

Back in the 80’s I remember reading in Analog or Asimov a series of short stories about a world with plant based wormholes, known as syntei or synthei. This completely reshaped the world in terms of evolution. There were carnivorous plants that had their roots and guts safely underground while their mobile predators stalked the world. Add to this a lost human colony that settled the world hundreds or thousands of years ago, and rediscovery by an expedition from the greater universe that promptly underestimates the locals and gets in trouble. One of the stories involved the local equivalent to the circus, the other a great escape from slavery enforced by the use of little wormholes.

Can anyone help me identify the stories and their author?

Thanks in advance.

- Trey

Can you name this story?

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