We SciFi fans know what we love, and we love Firefly. Firefly, the short-lived, much obsessed about, canceled-before-it-had-a-chance television show, is still very much on the minds of fans and, oddly enough, the actors who were involved in the show.

The Science Channel has picked up Firefly for broadcast, the first time since 2008 that the show has been on basic cable. As part of the buildup to the shows premiere on March 6th, Fillion has done an interview with Entertainment Weekly that has stirred up Browncoats everywhere.

Nathan Fillion, who portrayed Serenity captain and Browncoat Malcom Reynolds, still thinks about the show. It’s his “what I would do if I won the lottery”. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he said:

“If I got $300 million from the California Lottery, the first thing I would do is buy the rights to ‘Firefly,’ make it on my own, and distribute it on the Internet.”

Firefly‘s loyal fan base – the Browncoats, have started to mobilize. Fillion is the head of that army (officially or unofficially), so when he speaks, they listen.

There’s already a campaign to help The Science Channel get the best rating possible for airing reruns of the show, and now some fans have registered HelpNathanBuyFirefly.com.

According to the site, the mission of HelpNathanBuyFirefly.com is in three parts:

  1. Generate momentum. We’re going to setup a way people can pledge funding towards the mission of putting the rights to Firefly back into the hands of people who care about it.
  2. Nathan chimes in towards us and approves the effort. At that point, it’s a real mission…
  3. We’ll setup a way for the funding to be collected into a Non-Profit Organization. We’ll then want everyone to make good on their pledge and contribute.

They also have a Facebook fan page to support their efforts.

Will they be able to raise enough funds to purchase Firefly for Fillion? Who knows? Stranger things have happened…

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