Calling All Short Fiction Experts! Solve This Mystery!

Christopher Paul Carey, Editor of Paizo Publishing, writes in looking for some information about a possible Philip Jose Farmer short story:

The Official Philip Jose Farmer Home Page is reporting the possible discovery of a previously unknown Farmer story written under the pseudonym Charlotte Corday-Marat in a 1965 issue Bizarre Mystery Magazine. They’re asking this question of Phil’s fans and the SF community in general:

Does anyone out there know anything about Phil, or any other writer, using the name Charlotte Corday-Marat? Or what about the magazine itself, published by Pamar Enterprises, or Gerald Levine (publisher), or John Poe (editor) or Sean Kelly (associate editor)?

I’ve read the story but can’t say one way or another if it’s Phil’s. Perhaps an SF Signal reader out there knows something about the authorship of the story?

- Chris

How about it, SF Signal readers?

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