Book Cover Smackdown! ‘The Departure’ vs. ‘The Ascendant Stars’ vs. ‘Unforgettable’

Ready your inner critic, cover art fans…it’s time for another Book Cover Smackdown!

Here are the contenders…

Your Mission (should you choose to accept it): Tell us which cover you like best and why.

Books shown here:

NOTE: Bigger, better cover art images are available by clicking the images or title links.

9 thoughts on “Book Cover Smackdown! ‘The Departure’ vs. ‘The Ascendant Stars’ vs. ‘Unforgettable’”

  1. The Ascendant Stars–fleets of ships, against a rising star and that sense of deep space: SF the way it’s emant to be!

    Unforgettable doesn’t appeal at all and the Neal Asher is like, maybe …but only if the inside cover really stacks up.

  2. Noe of them particularly grab my attetion, the Asher cover is interesting but generic… and unfortable is anything but… yes it looks stylish but there is abolutely nothing memorable about the cover… unless its the repeated forgetable fading out…

    My favourite is probably Ascendant stars but it looks week in comparison to the previous covers in this series of novels.

  3. Ascendant stars is the book I am looking foward to, but The Departure is the best cover.

  4. The Departure is to my mind the most intriguing and the art is certainly of fine quality. Best of the bunch, with Ascendant Stars a near second. The cover of unforgettable is, excuse this, very forgettable indeed.

  5. As an image, Departure wins.  Taking the cover as a whole (with title), Ascendent Stars.  Unforgettable is blah all around.

  6. Well, I really like “The Departure” and “The Ascendant Stars.”  Since I am embarassingly superficial and would pay money for the Omaha Telephone Directory if it had a really nice starship on the cover, I will have to go with “The Ascendant Stars.”  What was that third one?  I forget…

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