One of the coolest aspects of the whole digital revolution, is the fact that you can jump on Netflix and for less than $10 a month (I pay $7.99 for unlimited streaming), instantly stream all sorts of new and classic scifi television to your computer or TV.

I check every once in a while to see what new shows might be available and I was pleasantly surprised to see several favorites in the queue for instant streaming.

Check out these cool shows available to stream right now

Jericho was the little show with the big bang! The show centered on the small town of Jericho, Kansas, and the people there trying to pick up the pieces after a series of nuclear detonations take out the American government. The Green family are the central figures in the stories, from Mayor Johnston Green (played by Major Dad himself Gerald McRaney), his wife Gail (played by Pamela Reed) and their two sons Eric (Kenneth Mitchell) and Jake (Skeet Ulrich).

Over the course of two seasons (29 total episodes), the town of Jericho found themselves in all sorts of trouble including being at war with their sister-town New-Bern.

Although Jericho lasted only 2 seasons, it was a great ride.

His name is John Crichton, an astronaut. He was on an experimental test-flight when his ship, Farscape 1, found itself pulled into a wormhole and shot across the universe where all sorts of crazy Jim Henson aliens tortured him for 88 episodes and one 2-part movie.

This is hands down one of my favorite shows from the channel formerly known as SciFi. I have wanted to have the series on DVD for some time but they have been really expensive, so being able to stream them direct to my tv (I use a TiVo that’s connected to the Internet) for $10 a month really pays for itself in no time.

All 111 glorious episodes of JMS’ masterpiece scifi series Babylon 5 streamed direct to your computer or television – all you need to make it an event of it is to invite some friends over and pop some popcorn.

Don’t forget the Babylon 5 drinking game – When Garibaldi refers to his nth favorite thing in the universe, take a drink, or when a jump point opens take a drink. Also drink whenever Delenn describes a Minbari ritual, whenever Zathras appears and whenever Londo says ‘Great Maker’.

I have a soft spot for this show. Although it lasted just one season, this show (based on the movie starring Brandon Lee), starred Mark Dacascos as Eric Draven, the musician brutally murdered along with his soulmate Shelly Webster. He returns one year later to exact vengeance on those responsible for their deaths, only now he is embued with the supernatural powers of The Crow.

If you don’t know Dascascos, you should. He is a martial artist and actor who you might remember from the horribly forgetful flick Double Dragon, based on the video game. He is perhaps best known for his role as The Chairman on FoodNetwork’s Iron Chef America.

This was a great show that came near the end of the syndicated tv boom of the 90’s, which is sad because I think it could’ve gone on for a lot longer than it did.

Honorable mentions go out to:

  • Battlestar Galactica (SyFy version – 76 episodes)
  • Battlestar Galactica (Original version – 24 episodes)
  • Galactica 1980 (7 episodes)
  • Doctor Who (there’s a slew of classic and current Doctor Who available for streaming)
  • The X-Files (202 episodes!)
  • 3rd Rock from the Sun (139 episodes)
  • Stargate Universe (34 episodes)
  • Dead Like Me (29 episodes)
  • Eureka (43 epidoes)
  • Angel (109 episodes)
  • Sliders (83 episodes)
  • Quantum Leap (76 episodes)
  • The Dead Zone (80 Episodes)

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