In episode 41 of the SF Signal Podcast, Patrick Hester asks the panel about: The $0.99 eBook.

The Interwebz are abuzz with talk of the $0.99 eBook. Indie Author Amanda Hocking is making a splash selling her books for $0.99.

Author/Editor Cat Valente has weighed in. Kevin Kelly did some math on it.

Zoe Winters talked to about it. Neil Clarke asked people to weigh in on what they’re willing to pay. and our friend Tobias Buckell did an experiment about it.

So the questions to the panel were:

  • Is the $0.99 price point for eBooks too low?
  • Should there be tiered pricing for short stories, novellas and full length novels?
  • Is the prediction that the $0.99 eBook will become the norm in less than 5 years way off the mark?
  • What’s the sweet spot price for eBooks?


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