TRAILER: Transformers – Dark of the Moon

I know with every fiber of my being that this is going to be horrible, but damn, trailers like this override any and all logic. This looks sweet.

5 thoughts on “TRAILER: Transformers – Dark of the Moon”

  1. I will watch it just for the bits of vintage Apollo moon stuff, but yeah, it’s probably going to be bad.

    btw – there is no ‘Side’ in the title. perhaps to keep people from confusing it with a certain Pink Floyd album

  2. Oh Lawd…I just know, I just KNOW, I’m going to shell out good money to go see this, based on this very coool trailer AND i’ts going to be horrifically bad. I just know it!

  3. This is the plan.  Do not mow the lawn or fix the drippy sink.  Do not study for the summer chemistry final.  Do not try to solve the federal deficit. 

    Go to Hooters.  Eat fifty hot wings with a friend.  Drink a pitcher of beer.  Turn off your brain and watch killer robots smash the crap out of each other.  Watch a supernaturally pretty girl in perpetual distress.  Watch a dorky kid make more money than you’ll see in a lifetime.

    Its just a fun summer movie.  Enjoy.  I know you will.  Fess up!

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