TRAILER: Conan the Barbarian

Here’s the 1st trailer for everyone’s favorite Barbarian, Conan.

5 thoughts on “TRAILER: Conan the Barbarian”

  1. I am a huge fan of Conan. At first i had some faith in this movie, but after seeing this trailer… Why they can not be faithful to Robert E. Howard stories? why make a new story when you simply could use a great Conan tale, like The Scarlet Citadel or Rogues in the House or The Hour of the Dragon or SO MANY? WHY? Sorry, but this looks like crap to me and many other Conan fans.

  2. WOW!! Looks awesome to me! Much better looking than expected. Love the new actor for Conan.

  3. Looks terrible.

    What the hell? John Milius is still alive and he worked on the HBO Rome series so you know he still has it.

    Why not have him write the script?

    Hell have him write and direct it.

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