Which SciFi Series Should You Watch on NetFlix? This Handy Flowchart Will Help You Decide!

Summer is coming. And if you’re a fan of unscripted reality shows or singing and dance competitions, you’re TV schedule is probably full. For the rest of us, it can be a struggle to find something on the tube worth watching. Thankfully, Netflix has come to the rescue of the discriminating SF/F fan, carrying a wide array of past series on both its streaming platform and DVD deliveries.

The only problem that remains is what to watch. For the chronically indecisive we have developed this handy flowchart to help you narrow it down.


(Click for larger version)

31 thoughts on “Which SciFi Series Should You Watch on NetFlix? This Handy Flowchart Will Help You Decide!”

  1. @Sean,

    Babylon 5 wasn’t ignored but the sheer numbers of SF space opera series meant narrowing things down a bit. A few other favorites were cut as well, shows like Caprica, Farscape, Buck Rogers, Space 1999, the Stargate spinoffs, Torchwood, etc…

  2. This is awesome. The one thing I was hoping to see was Heroes: Season 1 show up! Granted, season 2 and 3 were all sorts of awful, but season 1 was great!

    Nice work putting this together!

  3. Huh. Not so useful. If you select “Nope” for comedy you get to Firefly within two steps. While it’s by no means a strict comedy, if you’re looking for something serious, you’ve landed in the wrong spot.

  4. I don’t see Lexx on there >: (


    One of the most unique sci-fi series I’ve ever seen. 

  5. Good idea.


    B5 should be in a little box in the corner that reads:


    Have you watched B5?

    Yes -> Goto rest of chart.

    No -> Watch seasons 2-4.


    +1 Lexx, too

  6. What about Supernatural ?


    It has about 80% of the topics in the whole chart


    Aliens, vampires, zombies, mythos, time/space travel , etc.

  7. I think the only thing that annoyed me was that Stargate was made in Canada, not the USA.

  8. I’m watching Legend of the Seeker on Hulu now. I’m just going to have to buy the sets of Season 1 and 2 and have Seeker weekends at my house this summer. Wheeeee

  9. I love the tag that leads to Legend of the Seeker.  Though I think a lot of us fans still have a grudge against candles (watch Legend of the Seeker Revenant and just see if you don’t), the strategically placed items to give them some decency do make it more sensual and less R-rated.  Which makes Legend of the Seeker the perfect the perfect show to watch, in my opinion. Watching that Epic Seeker re-watch this summer so I’m with you on that Miaux.  Seeker Rules.


  10. I laughed about the women’s-lib association to Voyager. Now I get what that series was all about :D


    But I have to agree, LEXX is missing on this chart!

  11. Okay i understand cutting torchwood and B5 in favor of other sci fi shows, but you HAVE to include doctor who. Im dissappointed that you have not.

  12. Haha how funny! I followed the steps and it lead me to Futurama, which is actually what I am watching right now!! LOL surprisingly accurate ;)

  13. Fabulous chart and I agree with almost everything.  Add me to the list of people missing Farscape, though.

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