In episode 60 of the SF Signal Podcast, we welcome guest interviewer Lou Anders, who sits down with David Goyer and Michael Cassutt to talk about their new book – Heaven’s Shadow!

Lou Anders is a Hugo-nominated Editor; a Chesley Award-winning Art Director; PKD, Locus & Shirley Jackson award-nominated anthologist, and Editorial Eirector of Prometheus Books’ science fiction and fantasy imprint, Pyr.

David S. Goyer is the Academy Award-nominated screenwriter of the blockbuster films The Dark Knight and Batman Begins.

Michael Cassutt is one of the writers of the classic Twilight Zone television series and author of over thirty science fiction and fantasy short stories.

Together, David and Michael have created Heaven’s Shadow – a new Hardcover from ACE, hitting bookshelves on July 5th, 2011 as the first book in the trilogy, followed by Heaven’s War and Heaven’s Fall.

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