TOC: Lightspeed Magazine, June 2011

Lightspeed Magazine has posted the table of contents for the June 2011 issue:

  • Editorial: John Joseph Adams
  • Artist Spotlight: Randy Gallegos
  • Fiction: Snapshots I Brought Back From the Black Hole – K.C. Ball
  • Author Spotlight: K.C. Ball – Erin Stocks
  • Nonfiction: Diving Space By Zero – Mike Brotherton
  • Fiction: Frost Painting – Carolyn Ives Gilman
  • Author Spotlight: Carolyn Ives Gilman – Robyn Lupo
  • Nonfiction: Dissolving the Wall Between Art and Science – Graeme McMillan
  • Fiction: Transcript of Interaction Between Astronaut Mike Scudderman and the OnStar Hands-Free A.I. Crash Advisor – Grady Hendrix
  • Author Spotlight: Grady Hendrix – Robyn Lupo
  • Nonfiction: Six A.I. Types Who Annoy Us to Death – Genevieve Valentine
  • Fiction: Recording Angel – Ian McDonald
  • Author Spotlight: Ian McDonald – Erin Stocks
  • Feature Interview: Mary Roach – John Joseph Adams & David Barr Kirtley
  • Coming Attractions

(Note: Additional features appear online as the month progresses, or you can get it all right now by purchasing the Lightspeed Magazine eBook.)