MuchoMangoMayo: The Finale! (Or is that Finally?)

Dragging this dead horse into its third dreadful month, this is Beware The Hairy Mango’s final installment of MuchoMangoMayo! Rather than leave week four and a half until sometime in 2014, I’ve added it here to the end of week four. So much Mango you could choke! (don’t do that) You’re almost at the end, don’t quit on us yet! Quit later!

WARNING! Awful, foul things within! Even typing about them makes me blush!

Episode 70: “Scatman”

Episode 71: “Stretching For Victory”

Episode 72: “Stick With Me Baby”

Episode 73: “Short Stories With Long Titles”

Episode 74: “ThoseDarnedAliens”

Episode 75: “Herb Accelerated”

Episode 76: “Purgatory Is For Pencils”

Episode 77: “SexIceCreamSex”

Episode 78: “Wedding The Dress”

Episode 79: “A Question Of Benefits”

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