The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 066): Panel Discussion of SciFi and Fantasy Conventions

In episode 66 of the SF Signal Podcast, Patrick Hester asks the panel to discuss Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions – which to attend, why, and what’s the etiquette when approaching your favorite author.

This week’s panel:

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3 thoughts on “The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 066): Panel Discussion of SciFi and Fantasy Conventions”

  1. I don’t go to enough or many conventions–not even gaming ones.


    Besides, sometimes I think that I am best appreciated when heard and not seen. 


    Still, a very interesting and informative look at con life and why people less socially introverted than me should try conventions!

  2. All I’ll say is that the few times I’ve met authors have sworn me off having the desire to meet any more. I prefer the separation of author and reader and think that works just fine for me. I have met a couple of nice and normal seeming people — oddly enough, Harlan Ellison was rather normal but then again, I spoke his native New York language. The majority were either standoffish or acted as if I was Mark David Chapman’s brother.

    Also, I really don’t need to know the inner workings of an author’s private life. I just can’t read any more Orson Scott Card after being introduced to his less than tolerant private side.

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