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The World SF Travel Fund: Help Send The Hardest Working Genre Blogger to World Fantasy Convention

Lavie Tidhar recently announced a worthwhile peerbackers fundraiser: the World SF Travel Fund. It’s goal is to send one worthy, international member of the science fiction community to a major genre event.

I cannot think of more worthy first recipient of this fundraiser than SF Signal contributor Charles A. Tan.

Charles helms SF Signal’s daily tidbits posts, delivering all the science fiction crunchy goodness that hungry fans crave. He also conducts many of SF Signal’s interviews, asking thoughful and relevant questions from some of the fields top names. Charles is also very active at several other sites, including the Nebula Awards blog, the Shirley Jackson Award blog, The World SF Blog and (I don’t know where he finds the time) his own blog, Bibliophile Stalker. Charles lives in the Phillipines and the funds raised will allow him to attend World Fantasy Con 2011 in San Diego, California. (For those who aren’t aware, Charles is a finalist for the World Fantasy Award in the “Special Award, Non-Professional” category.)

Read on to see the details of the program and how you can help.

A combination of genre professionals and fans from the international scene and the United States have gathered together to create the World SF Travel Fund. The fund has been set up to enable one international person involved in science fiction, fantasy or horror to travel to a major genre event.

The first recipient of the fund is genre blogger and activist Charles Tan, from the Philippines.

Charles is a tireless promoter of speculative fiction. Besides his own Bibliophile Stalker blog, he contributes to the Nebula Awards blog, the Shirley Jackson Award blog, SF Signal and The World SF Blog. He also edited two online anthologies of speculative fiction from the Philippines.

Charles is highly regarded in the SF scene both in the USA and internationally. The Fund’s intention is to facilitate Charles’ travel to World Fantasy Con 2011 in San Diego, California. Multiple award winning editor Ellen Datlow said: “Charles Tan has in a very short time, become a major force in science fiction and fantasy. Bringing Charles over to the United States for the World Fantasy Convention would be a boon the convention by adding a truly international voice to the mix and selfishly, it would allow many of Charles’s fans in the field to meet him personally.”

Living in the Philippines, where wages are far lower than in the West, Charles would be otherwise unable to ever attend a major convention. The Fund’s purpose is to make such a trip possible, for the benefit not only of the recipient but for creating and extending dialogue in the wider world of speculative fiction.

Author and editor Jeff VanderMeer said: “Charles Tan is tireless, talented, indefatigable, a great guy, and someone who has become indispensible to our sense of the genre community. He’s a wonderful choice for this initial effort.”

The Fund has set up a Peerbackers Project with the hope of raising $6000, enabling two years of running. The Board, tasked with selecting future candidates, is composed of Lauren Beukes, Aliette de Bodard, Ekaterina Sedia, Cheryl Morgan and Lavie Tidhar and reflects the truly international nature of the SF world today.

For inquiries and further information please contact

The Peerbackers Project

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  1. Charles is awesome and it will be fun to have him come over for World Fantasy Con.

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Let’s send Charles to World Fantasy Con!!

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