Friday YouTube: Galaxy Quest (The Original Series)

I’m long overdue for a re-watch of this….

4 thoughts on “Friday YouTube: Galaxy Quest (The Original Series)”

  1. They don’t make ‘em like they used to make ‘em like they used to make ‘em. That’s because the universe is getting more recursive. At least, that’s how they explained it in the in-game version of the novelization of the webcomic.

  2. Wasn’t the blu-ray version of this supposed to have enhanced special effects to hide the join on Alexander Dane’s head prosthetic?  I’d hold out until that version is available via streaming.

  3. Probably the one movie that was better because it went overboard on the meta.

    Whenever I need a laugh, this is one of my Top 3 options. Plucky comic relief  :)


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