The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 088): An Interview with Erin Hoffman

In episode 88 of the SF Signal Podcast, Patrick Hester chats with author Erin Hoffman, whose new book Sword of Fire and Sea: The Chaos Knight, Book One, is out from PYR.


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3 thoughts on “The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 088): An Interview with Erin Hoffman”

  1. Having interviewed Erin via email and written a book review of the book, I particularly liked this.


    I always thought the Breakwater Agreement reminded me of the Godfather.


    “One day, and that day may never come…”

  2. Dragonrealms…

    That brings back memories(I retired in March 1999 as a top circle Moonie and Barbie), one of my favorite online RP games. I absolutely loved (and hated) the xp system…I would love to see a graphic mmorpg that used something akin to the DR system. It is a shame that the lowest common denominator took over the online gaming world…


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