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[GUEST POST] Lynne M. Thomas on Her First Issue as Editor-in-Chief of Apex Magazine

Lynne M. Thomas is the new Editor of Apex Magazine.

My name is Lynne M. Thomas, and I’m the co-editor of the Hugo-award winning Chicks Dig Time Lords, Whedonistas, and the forthcoming Chicks Dig Comics. In my day job, I’m the Curator of Rare Books and Special Collections at Northern Illinois University, where I’m responsible for archiving the literary papers of over 50 SF/F writers.

I’m also now the new Editor-in-Chief of Apex Magazine.

This is a big week for me.

On Tuesday November 1, Issue #30 of Apex Magazine — the first with me as Editor-in-Chief — debuted. It features new fiction by Elizabeth Bear and outgoing Apex editor Catherynne M. Valente , a reprint from Robert Shearman, poetry by Tim Pratt and Bryan Thao Worra, and a nonfiction essay on the Australian Dark Weird by Tansy Rayner Roberts.

This month’s issue includes a demon and Cotton Mather, a Norse god and a murder of crows, and sandbox soothsaying, all tools used to illustrate the agony of existence both before and after death, the uncertainty of learning to love, and the pain of losing a child. Each piece subverts expectations, in its own way. The demon teaches kindness along with destruction; crows care for a lone runner, and hope after loss grows again once more in the sandbox.

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase some of the amazing things that can be achieved when fiction pushes at the edges of the genre with visceral, emotionally honest storytelling. When our readers pick up an issue, I want them to experience a “whoa” moment. That’s my goal as editor.

Apex Magazine is a professional online SFWA market for dark science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Individual monthly issues are available for download in all e-reader formats, and annual subscriptions are also available. In fact, they are 25% off right now on Weightless Books, and new subscribers are entered in a drawing to win a Nook Color, too.

I hope that you enjoy the newest issue of Apex Magazine.

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  1. Steven H Silver // November 4, 2011 at 11:07 am //

    Go Lynne!

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