Free eBook: ‘The Undead: Zombie Anthology’ Edited by D.L. Snell and Elijah Hall

Right now you can get the Amazon Kindle version of The Undead: Zombie Anthology edited by David Wellington D.L. Snell and Elijah Hall for the low, low price of free.

The Undead is a stunning collection of 23 tales of the living dead by zombie fan favorites and up-and-coming authors. The Undead includes classic tales of survival in a world populated by the living dead as well as an array of unique takes on the zombie genre: zombies as reality entertainment, glimpses from inside the “life” of the undead, intergalactic war with humanity’s own dead turned against us, and everything in between. The Undead will leave zombie fans hungry for more!

Still not convinced? Here’s the table of contents:

  1. “Chuy and the Fish” by David Wellington
  2. “Pale Moonlight” by D.L. Snell
  3. “Hotline” by Russell Calhoun
  4. “Home” by David Moody
  5. “Reapers at the Door” by Eric S. Brown
  6. “The Diabolical Plan” by Derek Gunn
  7. “Dead World” by Meghan Jurado
  8. “Two Confessions” by E.W. Norton
  9. “13 Ways of Looking at the Living Dead” by Eric Pape
  10. “Grinning Samuel” by David Dunwoody
  11. “Ann at Twilight” by Brent Zirnheld
  12. “The Last Living Man” by Kevin L. Donihe
  13. “Only Begotten” by Rebecca Lloyd
  14. “Undead Prometheus” by Rob Morganbesser
  15. “Hell and Back” by Vince Churchill
  16. “The Dead Life” by Mike Watt
  17. “Donovan’s Leg” by Eric Shapiro
  18. “Cold as He Wishes” by C.M. Shevlin
  19. “Death Row” by James Reilly
  20. “Existence” by John Hubbard
  21. “Graveyard Slot” by Cavan Slott
  22. “The Project” by Pasquale J. Morrone
  23. “Like Chicken for Deadfucks” by Andre Duza

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