If you’ve made it through Black Friday and Cyber Monday without buying for everyone on your holiday gift list, it’s probably because (a) you’re doing some extra searching to find the perfect gift, (b) your giftee isn’t someone who is satisfied with something just because it’s on sale, (c) you’re disturbed by the implications of retailers manipulating consumers into a herd mentality, (d) you’re lazy, or (e) you hand-fashion all of your gifts by whittling blocks of balsa wood into sculptures of the Pokémon that best match your giftee’s personality.

While we can’t help you with that last one, other gift buying procrastinators will find much to love in SF Signal’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide!

For the more semantically obsessed among you, we’ve wrapped the whole thing in one of our famous flowcharts. For this go-round we’ve combined an interactive component with the graphical to create something unique and fun. We hope you enjoy it. Happy Holidays.

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