The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 098): Sword & Sorcery Panel, Part 2

In episode 98 of the SF Signal Podcast, Patrick Hester offers up part two of a special three-part podcast on Sword and Sorcery moderated by editor, author and publicist Jaym Gates. (See also: Part 1.)

This week’s panel:

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8 thoughts on “The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 098): Sword & Sorcery Panel, Part 2”

  1. Another great installment. I’m really enjoying this three-part podcast, but when it’s done, how about a follow-up podcast that talks less about the classics and more about contemporary writers working in today’s sword & sorcery?

  2. @Lou

    I thought you might like this one – it’s right up your alley :)  Glad you’re enjoying it!

    Who would you like to see as panelists on such a podcast?  Any particular thoughts?


  3. How about Mark Lawrence, Michael J. Sullivan, Brent Weeks, Douglas Hulick, Ari Marmell, Kevin Hearne, Violette Malan, Scott Oden, Jon Sprunk, Col Buchanan, Philippa Ballantine? And get Sam Sykes on and make him talk more.

  4. Hi Lou and James,

    I’m so glad you are enjoying it! It was a lot of fun to do. When I recorded the first one, it was at a convention, so I grabbed everyone who was on hand. I did fully intend to do a second one with several fo the people mentioned above, but moving across the country and other things sort of got in the way.

    However, sounds like I’d best start getting the next one scheduled! 

  5. Brilliant! Just to say that the late Leigh Bracket Stark novels are fab. Go read them! And Harold Lamb – I think the best collection is “Swords from the West”.

    (Note to podcasters – you REALLY have to sort out the problem of WTF is speaking! If you listen to a radio discussion show, the presenter keeps using the speakers’ names, even to the point of sotto voice naming.)

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