TOC: Lightspeed Magazine, December 2011

Lightspeed Magazine has posted the table of contents for the December 2011 issue:

  • Editorial by John Joseph Adams
  • Artist Spotlight: Alonso Garcia
  • “The Sighted Watchmaker” by Vylar Kaftan (fiction)
  • Author Spotlight: Vylar Kaftan, by Christie Yant (spotlight)
  • Feature Interview: Richard Dawkins, by The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy (interview)
  • “After the Days of Dead-Eye ‘Dee” by Pat Cadigan (fiction)
  • Author Spotlight: Pat Cadigan, by Erin Stocks (spotlight)
  • Science (and Swindlers) Can Read Your Mind by Jeff Lester (nonfiction)
  • “The Parting Glass” by Andrew Penn Romine (fiction)
  • Author Spotlight: Andrew Penn Romine, by John Remy (spotlight)
  • Cyborg vs. Cyborg by Nigel Watson (nonfiction)
  • “The Hammer of God” by Arthur C. Clarke (fiction)
  • Armageddon Rock by Alan Smale (nonfiction)
  • Coming Attractions

(Note: Additional features appear online as the month progresses, or you can get it all right now by purchasing the Lightspeed Magazine eBook.)