SF Signal Welcomes Brian Ruckley!

We’re excited to announce that Brian Ruckely has joined SF Signal’s growing blog army!

We asked Brian to say a little something about himself in the third person. Here’s what he said:

Brian Ruckely is an author with a tiny handful of short stories and four novels to his name: the fantasy trilogy The Godless World, and a stand-alone historical horror thriller The Edinburgh Dead, all four published by Orbit. He lives in Edinburgh, where he divides what little reading time he has almost equally between books and comics. He blogs at www.brianruckley.com, and occasionally as a guest at Orbit’s blog, has both a personal page and a Godless World fan page on Facebook, and is thinking about twittering but hasn’t taken the plunge just yet. His favourite food is spaghetti carbonara, and his favourite drink is usually tea but sometimes coffee.

Welcome aboard, Brian! We’re happy to have you aboard. Don’t let the above image of bagels imply that you we can be bribed with sweet, beautiful bagels…even though we totally can be.

Brian will be writing a new column called Words and Pictures that takes a look at graphic novels. His introductory post is already up, so go check it out and see what he has in store for SF Signal readers. And tune in tomorrow for his first look at graphic novels!

Meanwhile, please join me in welcoming Brian to the team!

14 thoughts on “SF Signal Welcomes Brian Ruckley!”

  1. I once again note that De Nardo SHOWS a picture of bagels but no doubt did not share any with our newest member (let alone any of the veteran members).

    And he wonders why we are so cranky. It is that and the lack of free COFFEE!

    In any case, welcome Brian. Hope to “meet” you on one of the podcast episodes in the near future. Don’t let Patrick’s hat scare you off. And if you share a room at a convention with any of the Irregulars, be warned: we leave you to pick up the check and some of us snore.

    1. Fred – I don’t think you want any of John D’s bagels – I mean, he’s been using that same picture for like 10 years now! They can’t possibly be still edible!


    1. Brian,

      Do you know where John D’s love of bagels began?

      He tries to tell people it’s from his roots in New York.

      Truth: Princess Leia’s hair in the 1st Star Wars movie.

      …I’ve probably said too much.


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