This June, Tachyon will release The Sword & Sorcery Anthology edited by David G. Hartwell and Jacob Weisman. Check out this stellar lineup:

  1. “Tower of the Elephant” by Robert E. Howard
  2. “Black God’s” Kiss by C. L. Moore
  3. “The Unholy Grail” by Fritz Leiber
  4. “The Tale of Hauk” by Poul Anderson
  5. “The Caravan of Forgotten Dreams” by Michael Moorcock
  6. “The Adventuress” by Joanna Russ
  7. “Gimmile’s Song” by Charles R. Saunders
  8. “Undertow” by Karl Edward Wagner
  9. “The Stages of the God” by Ramsey Campbell (writing as Montgomery Comfort)
  10. “The Barrow Troll” by David Drake
  11. “Soldier of an Empire Unacquainted with Defeat” by Glen Cook
  12. “Epistle from Lebanoi” by Michael Shea
  13. “Become a Warrior” by Jane Yolen
  14. “The Red Guild” by Rachel Pollack
  15. “Six from Atlantis” by Gene Wolfe
  16. “The Sea Troll’s Daughter” by Caitlín R. Kiernan
  17. “The Coral Heart” by Jeffrey Ford
  18. “Path of the Dragon” by George R. R. Martin
  19. “The Year of Three Monarchs” by Michael Swanwick

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