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The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 108): 2012 Sword & Sorcery Mega Panel Part 1

In episode 108 of the SF Signal Podcast, Patrick Hester and Jaym Gates sit down with a mega panel of authors and editors to discuss Sword and Sorcery for the modern reader.

This week’s panel:

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8 Comments on The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 108): 2012 Sword & Sorcery Mega Panel Part 1

  1. Paul Weimer // February 27, 2012 at 3:39 pm //

    Warning to everyone before you start listening.

    Patrick prefaces the podcast by saying you should have some way to take notes before you start listening. So make sure you did that. I stopped listening (I was on the exercise bike) and have not yet listened for that reason…

  2. A couple of things popped into my head while listening to this (granted I may have misheard, like Mr Weimer, I was on a bike while listening to this…but mine has nearly 1000cc’s…and it was a few hours and a couple of Manhattans ago)

    What does the word “literary” mean, in context of Sword and Sorcery?


    It seemed like people were trying to connect S&S to everything. Which to my mind is a mistake, and a watering down of what is the core of S&S. Sure the stories and structure my have some similarities but at its core Sword and Sorcery still needs to have swords and sorcery (IMNSHO).

  3. Lots of great quotes from the podcast.

    “Oh my God, Doctor Who is a Sword and Sorcery character” –Lou Anders

  4. In truth the Doctor isn’t a sword and sorcery character, but rather both the Doctor and the S&S tradition descend from the archetypal “lone gunman” character, in that the Doctor rides into town, deals with a problem, and vanishes in to the sunset/vortex at the end. But the mix of humor and horror in Who is very similar to that in a James Enge novel.

  5. Splendid!! I just posted about this at Black Gate.

    Looking forward to Part II!!

    John O’Neill

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