VIDEO: LeVar Burton’s Keynote From O’Reilly’s TOC Publishing/Tech Conference

O’Reilly’s TOC Conference is the place where leading practitioners from the publishing and tech industries converge to explore ideas, share what they’re learned from their successes (and their failures), and navigate the profound changes affecting our industry. Each year, TOC provides a deft mix of the practical and the visionary to give attendees the tools and guidance they need to succeed—and the inspiration to lead change. In 2012, TOC goes “4-D” with a particularly sharp focus on Data, Design, Development, and Deployment. This “4-D” approach provides a wide range of practical, in-depth sessions that cover the innovations rocking every aspect of the art, craft, and business of publishing in the 21st century–from designing and implementing profitable business models to the advanced technical aspects of creating digital books, agile publishing, and fostering collaborative environments that help ideas (and careers) to thrive.

Here’s LeVar Burton’s Keynote…

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