Watch John Carter Fight White Apes in This 5-Minute Clip

OK, now I’m really intrigued…

YouTube version after the jump

7 thoughts on “Watch John Carter Fight White Apes in This 5-Minute Clip”

      1. Maybe it thinks I’m from another region. Worked a bit, stopped, then gave me the same message. If it is the white ape in the arena, I think that was in an earlier trailer.

        1. This isn’t just a trailer, it’s a sneak peek at the white ape scene. The whole thing runs for 4.5 minutes.

          The Yahoo one still works for me, but I’ve included the YouTube version as well, just in case.

  1. I love Willem Defoe as Tars Tarkis. The perfect voice for it, commanding but endearing. I have to say, the noseless Thark faces make me think of Voldemort. I wonder what he’d look like as a pale, white Thark.

  2. This is really cool. I haven’t read the books, but I probably should before I see the movie.

    At first I thought it was weird that he could jump high and swing a rock, then hit struck me, “Duh, he’s on Mars. Mars has a third of the gravity of Earth.” So that’s kinda cool they have that.

    I look forward to seeing this movie.

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